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Real Estate in Germany
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Paperwork for the purchase of properties

Buying a property is quite a laborious and lengthy process ... Buying properties abroad is even more complicated - BUT NOT IN CASE YOU BUY WITH US! With our help you won't have to do the "paperwork" concerning buying your property. We'll do everything possible to release you from all these things! You don't have to take care of anything. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy the time in your new flat after getting all the documents to your property.

If you wish to buy you property as soon as possible you can do it with our company!!! The purchase can be done within one week. We have all the documents we need to proceed with the purchase. The only thing you need is MONEY and NO TIME !!!

If you find a property from a German Real Estate agent, but you do not speak German ... Please contact us! We will assist you in obtaining all the necessary information and documentation for the property you would like to buy.

You do not have any time to come to Berlin, but YOU would like to buy one of our properties? Don't worry!!! You can do the deal on the phone, giving us or your lawyer the power of Attorney. You don't have your lawyer in Germany and you don't want us to sign your purchase contract don't worry!!! Give us some time and we?ll find a lawyer for you within the 24 hours!!! The difference between this deal from the usual is that the purchase contract will be not signed by you, but by your lawyer or we'll do it for you What could be easier as to buy a property in Germany with L&B Immobiliya?

Property search for your inquiry

Sometime you have a problem finding the right property you are looking for, because the one you are looking for is not on our website and other companies don?t have the property you are looking for. What can you do in this situation? Just contact us and tell us what exactly you are looking for. Give us some time to get some properties fitted to your inquiry.

Send us an inquiry and we will do everything possible to find such a property.
What a lot of clients don?t know is the fact that there are a lot of exclusive properties which are not offered to clients because of their exclusivity and can be shown only in case somebody is really interested in buying it.
Do not miss your chance ...

Competent juristic support of the process of buying

All purchase processes are strictly in accordance with German law. All legal procedures are being done under the close supervision of lawyers, notaries and other professionals.

Our experienced attorneys and lawyers (if you would like to have one) will provide you with all the information you need as a private person or a company to buy properties in Germany as a foreign investor. Before signing the purchase contract, your lawyer will check it carefully (if you use its services). If you are not going to use the lawyer's services - we will check all the document for you, in case you give us the Power of Attorney!!! Normally you have in Germany exact rules of money transaction for your purchase. If you use your Lawyer - you'll have to transfer the money to your lawyer's account and he'll transfer the money to the notary's account (Notaranderkonto) after signing the purchase contract. If you don't have your lawyer - you will transfer the money to the notary's account yourself or you can transfer the money directly to the owner after signing the purchase contract. It is up to you!!! You have a choice!!!

Buying properties with our company you can be absolutely sure that you?ll be satisfied with all the services we offer to you.

Consultancy in getting finance

During the global financial crisis, Germany is one of the few countries (with good mortgage rates) which still keeps giving bank loans for buying properties.

At the same time, German banks provide mortgages, not only to citizens of Germany, but also for foreign people. Each bank has its own requirements and conditions of the bank loan. If you have some questions - don't hesitate to contact us to get the information you need concerning the process of buying properties and getting finance for them in Germany!!!

Bank account at a German bank

What could be more reliable, than to have an account at a German bank? Typically, before buying a property in Germany, or after this process almost each client would like to open his own account at a German bank. This could be a simple desire to secure storage of money for buying a property in Germany or just a simple wish to get your money from renting out your own properties to your German bank account.

Our company will help you quickly and easily, without problems and unnecessary formalities to open an account at a German bank.

Property Insurance

Germany is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world. Every citizen feels secure: on the one hand - from the country he is living in, but on the other - from his insurance company. Therefore, almost all cases of life here have their own insurances. Owning properties in Germany (especially foreigners) are advised to insure their property in order to avoid any troubles in the future in case something happens with their property. Insure your property and you will find security and peace.
Our company will help you quickly and securely to insure your property!

We'll help you to find the right property to rent

If you would like to find a base in Berlin to rent, but you don't speak German - don't worry! We'll help you quickly and find for you an appropriate flat, commercial unit or apartment block to rent.

Renovation Work

Often happens that the apartment is located in an ideal location and the house is not in perfect condition and requires some renovation works, but you don't have any time and wish to do it yourself? No problem!

We will find you a company that will make all the renovation works!!!
Price:  130.000 € Size:  35 m²
City:  Berlin Rooms:  1
Property of the month May 2024
Price: 0 m² Rooms: 
0 €
Apartment in Berlin
Price: 35 m² Rooms: 1
130.000 €
Apartment in Berlin
Price: 36 m² Rooms: 1
125.000 €
Apartment in Berlin
Price: 47 m² Rooms: 2
140.000 €
Apartment in Berlin
Price: 34 m² Rooms: 1
136.000 €
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