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3-bedroom apartment on the largest resort island of Germany - Rügen

Detailed informations:
Ref-ID: 3007
Type: Apartment
Size: 55,39 m²
Rooms: 3
Status: vacant
50 €
Price: 93.609 €
State:  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
3-bedroom apartment on the largest resort island of Germany - Rügen
We offer an excellent option of purchasing property on the island of Ruegen. The apartment is located in a beautiful resort. The flat is about 55.39 m2. In the living room - sofa utny corner and TV, the kitchen is type in the open kitchen table for 3-4 people. Kitchenette includes 2 hotplates, microwave oven with grill function, a refrigerator, a toaster, coffee machine, kettle. In the first bedroom - double bed, second bedroom - a bed for one person. The bathroom has a shower.

The advantage of this apartment is that the owner has virtually no costs for residential board - with a resort complex is a lease, the apartment is rented out to tourists and of the rent that would have to pay resort fee directly deducted living. If the owner himself wants some time to live in an apartment that he pays for residential fee, which is approximately 50 euros per month.

In addition to the above described property, in the same resort sold other apartments ranging in size from 30 to 120m2. The cost is 1690 Euros m2.

The photos show the sample flat.

Resort complex is situated in a quiet part of the island of Ruegen - the peninsula Jasmund, only a few kilometers to the most beautiful beaches of Rügen. Glowe to the town about 10 minutes by car to Sassnitz with its beautiful harbor, about the same. In the town of Sagard (where the object is located) has a variety of shops, restaurants and bars.

Rügen (German Rügen) in the Baltic Sea is the largest island within Germany (total area 926 km ²) and is part of Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania. The island's population is about 74 thousand people. The overall shape of the island rather fanciful, heavily indented coast, they form a set of curves of the bays, coves, peninsulas and capes. The southern coast stretches along the coast of Rügen Vorpommern. The width of the island in the south is 41 kilometers maximum distance from north to south - 52 km. On the peninsula Jasmund (Jasmund) in the northeast of Rügen is the eponymous national park covering an area of 3,000 hectares, was founded in 1990. Widely known symbol of Jasmund are chalk cliffs, in particular, the Royal throne (Königsstuhl - 118 meters). Rügen is the capital city of Bergen on Rügen. Currently, the main source of income for the island is tourism. Top of tourist development Rügen put mineral springs in Zagarde in the XVIII-th century. In XIX-th century began to develop seaside resorts, such as in Sassnitz and - later - on the coast from Binz to Guerin. Rügen is connected by road and rail links with the mainland of Germany. Near the town of Stralsund is a dam and the longest road bridge in Germany (4104 m), similar in appearance to the "Golden Gate" in San Francisco.

The proposed apartment will provide you and your family a great vacation spot. Make your request right now.
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